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M6 is a small gallery and art space that provides a platform for contemporary local and foreign artists. It gains its uniqueness from its neighborhood - Prague 7 and its heavy influence by the Academy of Fine Arts located in the same street Malířská.


In May 2023 M6 was established by Kateřina Slunečková, czech artist . Her goal is to give space to different art projects and offer M6 as a joint for networking. In addition M6 offer public painting workshops to people from the neighborhood. 


The gallery actively seeks artists from other European metropolises. This focus on international cooperations and urge to organize international partnership with local artists helps to create a vibrant and diverse community.

M6 will also host workshops for the public in collaboration with Radka Junová, a jewelry maker with her creations available at Kateřina Slunečková will lead children's painting courses every Tuesday starting from the beginning of the year, and during the summer, there will be workshops for both children and adults. For more information, visit the "Program" section or the website Just sign up and join the creative journey.

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